Soup for your soul.

Last week we discussed some soup varieties that are not very common in India. Let us look at a few more today.
French Onion Soup: Although onion soup is a very old soup recipe, French cuisine has popularized this dish again in the past 200 years or so.

French Onion soup is made with caramelized onions––onions burnt to a crispy brown––and a combination of beef and chicken broth. This is then topped with a big crouton and melted cheese.

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Eplus Schedule From Aug 05-10, 2013

Theme: Who doesn’t want to be popular? But does everyone who make a name deserve that glory? What should be the benchmarks against which true popularity can be judged? Let’s talk

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Out From A Novel.

In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, an entertaining and memorable novel by Mark Twain, there is an episode where two boys are on a mission to rescue a prisoner. Inspired by all the adventure fiction they have read, they initially want to do it just like in the books. For example, to dig a tunnel into the prison, they think using a spoon is necessary, even though they actually have access to better tools. When they realize that digging with a spoon will never work, they decide that they will just use shovels, but ‘let on’ that the shovels are spoons.

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Know your soup.

When I go out for dinner with my mother, she always orders a portion of soup to start her meal. I rarely do this–not because I do not like soup, but in fact precisely because I like soup a lot.

If I’m going to order it, I want soup to be my whole meal. Perhaps the two most popular soups for us are ‘tomato’ and ‘sweet and sour,’ available at any multi-cuisine restaurant. Let us look at some soups that are popular in the West, but perhaps not too well-known around here.

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Eplus Club Schedule from July 29 – August 03, 2013

Theme: Magazines and newspapers are our daily companions for getting useful information.

Catering to varied tastes, newspapers and periodicals are also targeted at specific groups. There are some which have become household names and some which have found a place for them among a niche audience.

This week’s schedule is meant to take a closer look.

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Most unsusal expressions

We discussed a couple of unusual expressions related to the legal profession last week.

For lack of space, we also ignored a rather interesting word, which we will cover today.

And while we are on the topic, we will explore other expressions that describe people engaging in fraud or cheating in some way.

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Quite an accommodation.

I love vacations, but I’m not really kicked about the planning part, which I find rather stressful. Figuring out decent and reasonably priced accommodation is especially challenging. In India, most paid accommodation units are referred to as ‘hotels’ or ‘guest houses’. In the West though, various accommodation types all have distinct names. Let us consider these categories today.

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Eplus Club Schedule from July 20 – 27, 2013

Theme: Few things in life could be as thrilling as starting something on your own and seeing it become a huge success. A simple idea which might seem trivial might become huge if cultivated and marketed properly. Good business is not always about revolutionary products but also about correct approaches to getting the word out and making people believe in you. Let’s get some insights this week.

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One expression I learned fairly early on when I started learning English is ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away.’ The expression is popular because it memorably conveys the importance of a good diet, I suppose, but I mention it today it is an expression that relates to a profession.
All professions have their good and bad representatives, so not surprisingly we have a variety of expressions related to many well-known professions.

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Popular Western Television Shows

Continuing our discussion from last week, let’s look at some more television shows popular in Western culture. Let’s start with a tribute to James Gandolfini, who passed away a few weeks ago. Gandolfini starred in a television show called- The Sopranos.
The show centres on an Italian-American mobster as he tries to balance his family and work – as the head of a criminal organisation.
The show ran from 1999 to 2007 winning a lot of awards along the way. The Mafia-fascination can be seen quite often in popular media and although the show had some amazing ratings, it was often criticized for its negative stereotyping of Italian Americans. Remember the book and subsequent movies for ‘The Godfather’?

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