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About Us

Making skills placeless

Skillspark was founded on the belief that borders or biases should not stand in the way of matching skills to demand. Talent should be able to perform their skills regardless of its coordinates.

After working in the industry for over 20 years our two founders decided to focus fully on remote work. The idea was to make it easy for clients to access and evaluate remote talent pools and to give the talent a broad selection of top assignments without having to relocate. This is Skillspark.

Our founders

Zoran Covic

Zoran has been the CEO of Ework Group since 2014 before leaving to start Skillspark in 2021. Ework Group is a publicly noted company on Swedish stock exchange (Nasdaq OMX) with over 11 000 highly skilled consultants within IT and Tech on assignment. During Zoran's time as a CEO the company grew from 250 million EUR to 1,3 billion EUR in revenue. The stock grew by 160% and the company established offices outside of Scandinavia into Poland and United Kingdom. 

Mikael Subotowicz

Mikael has been the Ework Group Managing Director for Poland and Denmark before leaving to start Skillspark in 2021. During Mikael's time, Ework Poland was established and grew to 45 million EUR in revenue and Ework Denmark was restructured into a 60 million EUR revenue site. Mikael's niche within the IT contingent industry isstarting up companies and rapid development into multi-million revenue companies. 

Skillspark Sweden

Stortorget 19

S-211 19 Malmö


Skillspark Denmark

Frederiksborggade 15

1360 København


Skillspark Sweden

Västra Trädgårdsgatan 15

111 53 Stockholm


Our locations

Skillspark Dubai

Ubora Tower 1

187, Marasi Drive Street

Business Bay, Dubai

United Arab Emirates

Skillspark Poland

Park Avenue

ul. Wspólna 70

00-687 Warsaw


Skillspark UK

Blackfriars House St Marys,

Parsonage, M3 2JA Manchester

United Kingdom

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