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"We find that about 20 to 25 percent of the workforce in advance economies could work from home between three to five days a week. This represent four to five times more remote work than before the pandemic and could prompt a large change in the geography of work."

- McKinsey, Future of Work, February 2021

Talent and Hubs

Understanding where to find skills in the age of digitalization and globalization can be a challenge for most companies. All industries need to go through a rapid development in terms of leaving legacy behind and transforming to a new digital world, but borders and biases too often put a constrain on where to look for skills. That is where we come in with our network of remote consultants. We find the right remote talent, each time.

Our Hubs are modern and attractive workplaces in some of the most attractive places on the planet when it comes to skilled freelancers. The Hubs give our clients access to branded, secure locations for remote delivery. With the possibility to work either at our Hubs, or remotely from home, we can always offer the most suitable solution for both our clients and our talents. Making skills placeless.

Unlock the global consultancy market

Making skills placeless

​Technology is enabling us to work from anywhere to an increasing extent and we want to use experience, combined with technology to ensure that skills are accessible to our clients from anywhere at anytime. Skillspark makes remote skills accessible.


At the heart of Skillspark is our platform for remote work which we call Skillsense. Skillsense is a nonintrusive and secure way to make remote work accessible. By measuring output through activities and quantifying skills, Skillsense helps to erase doubts whether work can be done remotely in an efficient way.

Talent using Skillsense, when working in their own premises or in our Hubs, opens up the available talent pool exponentially for our clients. Making skills placeless.

Rules of business

Every country has its separate sets of laws, regulations and practices that directly impact work. We have extensive experience in handling taxation, GDPR, contracts and governing labor structures. This can be a real obstacle for allowing skills to flow freely across borders. Skillspark will, with our local presence, make sure that you as a client can focus on working with your remote talents, and we will make sure that the time consuming administration is taken care of. Bureaucracy and red tape should not stand in the way of skills finding it's way, wherever that may be. Making skills placeless.

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