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Our vision

Skillspark opens up traditional borders and bypasses old biases in order to make skills truly placeless. Through our platform Skillsense we will make sure that our clients get access to top remote talent and that client and talent have a common base for productive remote work. Making skills placeless.

Skillspark joins emagine

We are proud to announce that we are now part of emagine - a leading IT and business consulting firm. Click below to explore world-class consulting services, and check out Skillspark Sweden, United Kingdom, Denmark, and Poland, which have already become emagine!​

If you would like to know more - read this article

Visit our space created for consultants and partners.

Making skills placeless

Where you sit shouldn't equate to what you deliver. Thats why we started Skillspark. We make sure that the focus is on Skills, free from distance, borders or bias. Skills unbound is what we call it.

Zoran Covic, CEO


increase in remote job searches in last 2 years

"Job searches for remote work are up 460% in two years through June 2021, according to Glassdoor data. Interest has tapered but remained elevated even as the U.S. economy reopens, suggesting the trends has staying power."

- Glassdoor Economic Research, August 2021

We know remote

Skillspark provides our Skillsense platform to make remote work accessible and under control. We understand that with the shift towards remote delivery, contingency workforce market faces new challenges. We want to make sure that time and place does not matter and that you can always expect best results. Making skills placeless.

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